Monday, December 13, 2010

Jones Soda Has Done it Again! Dungeons and Dragons Limited Edition Soda!

For the person who has everything .... Dungeons and Dragons anyone? Got the perfect snack ... check out the Limited Edition Dungeons & Dragons Spellcasting Soda  Bottles by Jones Soda.  They are fun and colorful ... and relatively inexpensive.  Not a bottle you throw away. ....  Right now they also have "Buffy" bottles too.
And if you don't know about Jones soda... it's a fab product and company.  Jones Soda is a brand built by their consumers. All the label photographs, under the cap quotes, and flavors have been driven by the consumer who drinks their soda. Taking the interactivity of Jones Soda one step further, they also offer  personalized and exclusive soda with flavor, photo, and message.  Perfect for a wedding favor, charity event or party.   P.S.  You can personalize and upload your photos and info online to create your own brand : )

Jones Soda - Tutti Frutti (12 Pack)
 (above picture)

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