Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Mini Top Hat Makes Great Head Gear

Miseria Top Hat - Some what Plain
at Get Go Retro.com

When I hear the word Top hat, 2 things come to mind.  The words "stove pipe hat" and, Abe Lincoln, and Fred Astaire.  Two totally different time periods and people.  One a politician, the other an entertainer.  And, I always think, "man's" fashion accessory.  But, top hats aren't just for men!!!!! Women --- take note; top hats are a great fashon accessory for women.  The Mini top is a fabulous accessory to compliment your favorite outfit or even costume.

Top hats are among the most popular fashion head accessories that have been around for over two hundred years. The original design has been altered over the years, as  fashion designers have changed the materials and added to the "style" of the plain black hat, which is why you can find different looking top hats in the vintage stores.

Mini top hats  became overly trendy during World War I which is why mini top hats are frequently seen paired with vintage clothing such as the Victorian outfits. Today they are worn  as part of the clubbing scene; and as a good complements for gothic, rockabilly  and steam punk fashions as well.

Satin Top Hat Velvet Stripes Red/Black 2102The mini top hats you are likely to buy have a slim style and elastic to make sure it fits snugly to the head; and or you can use hair pins. Today's hat is not just a plain black hat perched on the head.  Popular styles have  glitters, feathers, ribbons, netting, birds  and a host of other embellishments. When picking a top hat, pick one that matches your outfit.  If it is an upscale event; such as a wedding or banquet, you may want to pick one that is sbudued.  A rave or dance party, go wild, try different colors, styles, sizes, materials and embellishments. You are much more likely to grab timeless attention this way.

Holiday parties are coming up soon and in addition to a fab dress, don't forget your accessories!

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