Friday, April 23, 2010

Coffee Tables and Desks Made From Vintage Car and Truck Hoods

Found ... the perfect gift for that Kool Cat Guy you love so much!  Father's day is coming and if you actually need a holiday ... you can wait for a birthday or Christmas; but, this is a great dream gift for someone who is into cars, hot rods, trucks or just loves the sounds of  an engine.  For the record, I would totally love a Kasey Kahne hood even if it is a new car model!  (Hope you read my blog Kasey!)

The typical car and truck hoods of yesteryear used to be made from a massive sheet of formed steel  because they had to cover those massive engines and massive trunks.  And yes, those days are gone.  But enter Joel Hester, whose Dallas-based  business Weld House scrounges through scrap yards and turns what most would deem as junk hoods into amazing steel tables, beds, desks and art.

Hester's coffee and end tables start at $700 (check out his gallery on Flickr). Working with car hoods and trunks ravaged by sun, weather, and even custom paint jobs, Hester and his torch-happy gang flatten the metal, shape the edges, add custom legs and casters, and give each one a smooth finish. Some tables even bear their original hood ornaments and vin tags.

PS -- You know how you are not allowed to touch, sit or sit anything on the car (so you don't make a mark) -- your guy may not want you to set anything on the tables either (LOL)

Sources:  Treehugger and The Examiner

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