Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes .....

My new favorite addition to the site.  The "Wicked Lady Frock."  Designed by Miss Matilda with British Actress Margaret Lockwood in mind, the infamous Hollywood code of the period and the no cleavage policy. Perfect for all of you Able Grables!  Did you know:  Did you know Able Grable is slang for a hot woman! At the time of World War Two if you were hot just like Betty Grable you'd be called an Able Grable?  I just learned that.

This is a fabulous slinking cocktail dress.  And it's gorgeously noticeable.  Unique, custom made and elegant.  Gals,   Gals, this Wicked Lady Gives you plenty of cleavage.    Go forth and show your assets!

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