Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shape Shape Shape .. Shape Your Body

Hope the snow is done blowing around here ... I'm looking forward to spring and spring dresses!  And,  or course, getting in better shape.  Less clothes, more form fitting clothes.  I recommend and we offer the Ardyss brand shapewear which is medical grade and has a great reputation.  It will shape you and help you to lose weight ... check out the site : )   (Also helps you look great in the form fitting pencil skirts and dresses.)

This garment is specially designed for bodies with thin legs without fat accumulation in the hips, legs and crotch area.  Functions:   Aids the spine, avoids the open rib appearance, prevents fat layer accumulations in the waist and back area, as well as accumulations in the lower abdomen and upper abdomen.
Losing weight and reshaping is also comfortable in the

Vest Vedette
  This garment is designed to use in any occasion with freedom to move. Its constant use can make the changes to your silhouette permanent. Ideal for women with extra weight on the back & waist.  
It eliminates the appearance of extra weight in the back and the waist.It complements other reshaping garments. Through activation of the sweat glands, it helps burn fat. This vest is ideal for use with the Ardyss Reducing Gel.

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