Friday, February 5, 2010

Cat-astrophic! Woman Creates and Sells Gothic Kittens

Do you believe this? Incredible.

This is absolutely pitiful. Where people get their ideas, I'll never know. But, it does make me mad to even look at this. The stupid little bars look way to heavy fort his kitten's ears.

You know how some people like to dress their pets up like children in cute little sweaters and tshirts; or put antlers on them and pretend they're reindeer during the holidays?

Well, Holly Crawford of Wilkes-Barre, PA found a stray cat last year and decided it would be cool to pierce its ears with barbells; and pierce its neck with a bar. Enter the "Goth Kitten." Then she got the bright idea to sell her animals online for hundreds of dollars a pop. The kittens came equipped with such fabulous features as pierced ears and submission rings implanted into the napes of their necks.  (And people bought them!)

PETA caught wind of her advertisements and sent word to Luzerne County animal rescue people. Her home was subsequently raided and she was charged with animal cruelty. PETA, calls Crawford's methods "barbaric." But Crawford says she took the same precautions with piercing that she would with a human. And since she's a dog groomer by trade, she had no intention of ever hurting the animals.

Some cats were pierced on the backs of their necks; which for cats, the nape of the neck is an especially sensitive area the mother cat will take in her teeth to get her kitten to submit to her -- not an area you'd want to puncture with a 14-gauge bar. I guess by "heal properly", she means she watched the piercing site for pus; because the emotional scars on these animals, which a vet says were "maimed and disfigured", will more than likely never go away.

Even if Crawford didn't intend to hurt the animals, she obviously didn't consider their well-being before going through with these procedures, or know much about a cat's nerves. Any piercer will tell you that correct placement of piercings in humans is essential -- same would go for any animal. And it's highly unlikely these kittens were begging for the needle, or even sat quietly while Crawford was driving a bar through their ears.

She's pleaded innocent and is expected discover her fate this week.

Source: True Crime Report; Care2

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