Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brooches. A fabulous accessory to your outfits!

Brooches. They've been around since the early beginnings of time. Often considered the “oldest type of jewelry,” you may have thought brooches were an extinct accessory that was only worn by ancient royalty –
or your grandma .... and you may have been right – until now. This season brooches are making a huge comeback.

Brooches offer a vintage feel. Sharon Stone wore one years ago at one of the red carpet galas (on her hip) and fashionistas all over the world thought it was ingenious. Other celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, and Claudia Schiffer
have all been spotted with statement brooches pinned to their outfits.
Brooches can give an extra dose of character to an already fabulous
outfit. You can find a brooch at department stores, second hand shops,
or even inside your mother or grandmother’s treasure chest of jewels. It
can be worn on a plain dress or something as grand as your wedding
dress. Once you discover your dream brooch,pin the brooch on the hip of your solid toned dress to add a little glitter, or accentuate the slit in your skirt by pinning the brooch where the fabric first separates. If you have a dress or tee shirt that is too big you can bunch the extra fabric together and pin it in place with a brooch and you’ll soon have a fitted garment with eye-catching detail.

Your hair is also an excellent place to place a brooch. Simply pin it to two bobby pins, a barrette, or a headband and voila! A gorgeously shimmering updo!

And, finally, I was recently at a wedding where the mother-of the bride had a fitted black satin dress with a brooch pinned on one shoulder; the brooch of black and crystal jewels in the shape of a large flower really added to the elegance of the dress.

If you ever tire of wearing brooches on your clothes, you can pin them on clutch purses, bags, hats, and even fasten scarves with them. You can even pin one to your garter!   So don't worry about brooching the subject  (sorry, had to use the pun.)

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