Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving ... We Have the Black Friday Circular Ads Early!

Looking for some great sales on Black Friday? Check out the Black Friday Link. It's a wonderful research link. It has the Black Friday Sale Circulars online (early). You can look before Thursday. We aren't in it ... but hey, we think this link is well worth sharing with our customers. You can find the Walmart, Target, Sears, Old Navy ... and other stores sales. This gives you time to research, compare and think!

Get Go Retro has some new additions to the site!

Lots of new designers at Get Go Retro. Whether you need holiday aprons to wear or give as gifts, of a wonderful maternity outfit to wear to your holiday party, we have some new styles. We've added Mamasan Maternity which offers cutting edge maternity clothes; or even the Lady GaGa hair bows by Black Satin Shoes. Dollface Betty has created the wonderful Santa Skirt.

Don't forget to order your New Years Eve Top Hats Early!

More importantly, have a great Thanksgiving. Drive Safe, have fun and enjoy!

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